Boone’s Market to Open – Fall 2019

Boone’s Market to Open – Fall 2019

August 1, 2019 Off By Adam

Boone’s Market is set to open in Fall of 2019. We are looking forward to meeting all of our new customers, and finding ways to better serve our community.

The store, which closed in 2018, was recently purchased by Adam Boone of Little Falls.

When he first heard about the store going out of business, Boone started exploring the idea of buying it.

The city of Randall is very special to Boone.

“I was actually born and baptized in Randall,” he said.

After Boone was born, his family moved to Little Falls.

When he was 16, he began working at grocery stores around Little Falls, including 18 years at Coborn’s.

For Boone, the situation was an opportunity to open his own store.

“This happened to pop up and it was the perfect timing and the perfect fit,” Boone said.

It was always his ambition to own his own store given his “people person” personality.

“That way I can better serve customers and give them the best service I can,” Boone said. “The more people I get to interact with during the day the better off I am.”

As he operates the store, Boone said he is eager to see familiar faces come into the store and also meet new people.

Despite the name change, Boone plans to keep the traditions and features of Gosch’s, including its meat department.

“We’re going to add in our own twists here and there,” he said.

The biggest thing Boone wants is to make the store have a hometown feel, in that when customers walk in the door they are treated like family.

Throughout the time it took to purchase the business after it had closed, Boone was looking forward to getting the store open again.

“It’s been a process, but with that process comes the anticipation to get it back up and running,” Boone said.

Just trying to get the store ready has been an amazing process, he said.

One thing that has humbled Boone is the response the announcement of the store reopening has received.

As of July 11, Boone’s Facebook post announcing the purchase has received 587 comments, 379 shares and more than 1,500 reactions from people.

At this point, there are still some things that need to be done to get the store ready to open, Boone said.

Vendors have to bring in merchandise and some more cleaning has to be done.

So far, not much has needed to be done other than give the store a little care and spruce it up, Boone said.

He hopes to have the store opened before the school year starts.

With the store opening, Boone is excited to come back to the town he was born in and give residents excellent service.

Randall Mayor Dan Noss said this is a great development for the city

“It’s a very great thing for the city to have a grocery store again,” Noss said.

Many residents have said this is wonderful news and Boone’s faith in the city of Randall is amazing, he said.